Problems You Face When Not Using A Booze Distributing Machine

Using a booze distributing machine is something most of the pubs or any place serving booze to people does. It helps the people who are serving the booze. It makes things easy for the pub to make sure every drop of booze is served to guests without getting spilled or wasted. While using a booze distributing machine is the practice among many places we are still going to see places that do not use these machines. If you are not going to use a bar drink dispenser then you should be aware of the problems you face because of that decision. Most people choose to use this machine because they do not want to be bothered with these problems.

Having to Allocate Too Much Space for Bottles

When you do not have a booze distributing machine you have to keep the booze in the bottles they come in. One booze distributing machine can easily fit the liquid in a couple of bottles and save space. However, keeping bottles as they are behind the counter is going to take a lot of space. This would limit the space you have to keep your booze. That could mean having to run out more than once to get more bottles during the time the pub is crowded. You will also have to spend time to remove the empty bottles to keep the counter clean.

Spilling Booze

Unless the person who is in charge of serving booze is very experienced they are definitely going to spill booze when they are serving drinks in a hurry. A good beverage dispenser is capable of filling the glass without spilling as it is only going to fill the amount your order it to fill. Spilling booze is a loss for you as the booze is wasted. At the same time, it is going to make the place messy and require you to clean the area all the time.

Taking Too Long for Inventory Checking

Any pub has to run inventory checks to make sure to check how much of stock is left and how much they have to order anew. Without running such checks you can always not have enough booze to serve the guests. When there is a booze distributing machine it helps you to make this count faster as you can easily check the amount of booze you have. When you are handling things manually you will have to dedicate a lot of time for checking the inventory. These are the problems you face when there is no booze distributing machine.

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